L Series Hi-Wall Split AC System

The Optima L-Series Hi-Wall Splits can operate from your Smartphone or Tablet at home or remotely. The unit is user-friendly that connects with a simple app, allowing you to operate from simple to complex settings including auto functions and temperature. This unit requires the purchase of a Wi-Fi kit at additional cost.

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Product Information


If you are looking for the optimal cooling solution, the Optima L-Series Split AC is for you. This Hi-Wall Split will easily blend with your home environment. We love the environment too, so we’ve ensured it has the least global warming impact, while also operating at lower power consumption. This AC is voice-controlled, so just say the word after pairing the unit with the Smart Climate App, and follow the Amazon Alexa™ or Google Home™. What’s more is that the unit functions on the least amount of noise, which makes you wonder how it runs so efficiently in the background.