Bonaire has been providing homes with state of the art, efficient heating and cooling systems for over 60 years.

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As one of Australia’s leading heating and cooling brands, Bonaire has been providing homes with state of the art, efficient air conditioning systems for over 60 years.

The Bonaire mission

Our Mission is to deliver the most advanced range of whole of home heating and cooling solutions to fit today’s modern lifestyles. To this end, we use proven technology to create intelligent, user friendly systems that maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Bonaire quality

We place enormous importance on continually improving design, engineering and manufacturing processes using premium quality materials. All Bonaire units are quality tested before they leave our factory, and are supported by a carefully selected dealer network.

We are proud that Bonaire is Australian made with world class manufacturing facilities in Australia. Talk to us about your cooling and heating needs ...   REQUEST A QUOTE or MAKE AN ENQUIRY +

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When it comes to expertise in installing Bonaire heating and cooling products, a Bonaire Premier Dealer will provide you with the highest levels of professionalism, installation quality, after sales service and reliability.

Bonaire Premier Dealers have been specifically selected by Bonaire. Only dealers that meet rigorous requirements and maintain industry leading quality standards are eligible. You are guaranteed a heating and cooling solution that specifically meets your needs. Bonaire Premier Dealers exclusively offer a 7 year product warranty on all Bonaire 4, 5 and 6 star ducted gas heaters and Bonaire Integra II and Pinnacle evaporative coolers and a seven year workmanship warranty.

Bonaire Premier Dealers undertake regular training to maintain their expertise in system requirements which will ensure your Bonaire unit is installed to the highest standards.

Bonaire Premier Dealers deliver industry leading technology and service excellence.

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As a leading manufacturer, Bonaire has been providing homes with cooling and heating systems for over 60 years. We are dedicated to manufacturing world class heaters and coolers in our Adelaide, SA manufacturing facility.

Using proven technology we create intelligent, user friendly systems that maximise efficiency whilst being economical to own and operate. We are ISO9001 accredited so all of our procedures and processes are strictly controlled and we constantly strive to introduce improvements and refinements to ensure the Bonaire name is synonymous with quality and innovation. READ MORE ABOUT COOLING


As one of Australia’s leading heating and cooling brands, Bonaire has been providing homes with state of the art, efficient air conditioning systems for generations.

Using proven technology we create intelligent, user friendly systems that maximise energy efficiency whilst being economical to own and operate. We constantly strive to ensure that the Bonaire name is synonymous with quality and innovation and operate a manufacturing facility in Salisbury, a suburb of Adelaide in South Australia.



Bonaire has been providing innovative commercial evaporative cooling solutions for over 60 years on projects with applications which have been as varied as they are simple or complex.

Our aim has always been, and will continue to be, to provide cooling systems that strive to maximise energy efficiency and reduce operating costs whilst delivering effective and consistent cooling. 


Building a new home?

If you are planning to build a new home or just renovate your existing one, it is the ideal time to start planning your heating and cooling system.

Once you have made the decision to install a Bonaire heating system and/or combination heating and cooling, you should talk to your builder about the best way to incorporate the system in the construction program.



Whether you have an existing gas ducted heater or are just planning to install a new system, Bonaire has a model that is perfect for you. 

However, before you upgrade or install a new system here are a few points to consider: -

  • Check that your current ductwork, flues and gas supply can accommodate the system
  • If you have an existing system, is the capacity suitable for both your current and future needs
  • Is your current heater the most efficient for your needs?
  • Is your current system zoned, if not consider the running cost benefits of installing zones

New Homes

If you are building a new home it makes sense to ensure you incorporate central heating and cooling planning so they are a part of the earliest designs and not just an afterthought.

Some points to consider: -

  • A 5 star home should be matched with a five star heating and cooling system
  • Gas is a good cost effective alternative
  • If you a planning a 4 or 5 star system, look at zoning the system so you can heat only the areas you need when you need them
  • Look at all areas of the home to heat and cool. Bathrooms are often overlooked for heating yet they are the coldest and wettest rooms in a home

Bonaire can provide you total heating and cooling solutions. Talk to one of our specialist dealers to help you work out the best solution for your home.

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One of the cornerstones underpinning the Bonaire is our commitment to excellence in customer service. At all levels of our company, from the production floor to our sales and management staff, integrity and professionalism mark the way we do business. CONTACT US +

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About Bonaire

Bonaire is owned by Symphony Limited. Cooling the world since 1939, Symphony is one of the world leaders in evaporative cooling with its products sold in 60 countries through 30,000+ retailers and 1000+ distributors around the globe. Fostering a culture of invention, inclusion and inspiration, Symphony have continually been at the forefront of innovation delivering its customers futuristic product designs with a relentless commitment to energy conservation.