Wireless remote control

If you are after the latest in controls and technology, the Navigator wireless remote control is for you. This control allows you to operate the unit manually or in automatic where it will monitor and maintain comfort conditions for you.
And all this without leaving the comfort of your armchair.

Wall mounted control

The wall mounted Navigator controller has all of the features of the wireless, but is wall mounted.
It will maintain comfort conditions and operation and allow setting changes from a fixed location.

Slimline Digital control

The Slimline Digital control is used as standard on the Bonaire range of 3 star heaters.

  • Easy to operate and simple timer operation
  • Small, compact and slimline
  • Option to control multiple Bonaire appliances
  • Clear and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Compatible with 3 star Bonaire evaporative coolers


My Climate® Wi-Fi®. The latest technology in appliance control.

Bonaire’s My Climate Wi-Fi control allows you to control your Bonaire ducted gas heater, ducted evaporative cooler or dual cycle airconditioner from your Smart Device.

Compatible with most smartphones, once you have purchased and installed the My Climate Wi-Fi kit and downloaded the app, My Climate allows you to control your system utilising your existing home Wi-Fi network or remotely though your mobile network. Remote access enables you to turn on your system when you are at work or out so you can return home to comfort.

My Climate Wi-Fi will control all Bonaire 4, 5 and 6 star ducted gas heaters, ducted evaporative cooler and dual cycle refrigerated air conditioners.

  • Wi-Fi control that is compatible with most smartphones
  • Provides full unit control including temperature setting, 7 day programming and zoning control when zones have been installed.
  • Allows the naming of each zone to match the room set up in your home
  • Utilises existing home Wi-Fi network or mobile network.
  • Remote access function allows you to turn on your appliance from work or when you are out
  • Directly syncs with the main thermostat control
  • My Climate Wi-Fi control requires installation of a Navigator hard wired or remote wireless thermostat
  • Compatible with voice activation devices such as Google Home® and Amazon Alexa® (Coming soon).
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