Choosing the right cooling system

When you consider that cooling accounts for a large proportion of household’s energy costs over summer, it’s so important to select the right cooling methods for your home. The wrong choice can prove both costly and uncomfortable.

Bonaire Evaporative Cooling

Bonaire coolers have been designed and manufactured to provide effective and efficient cooling to Australia’s harsh environments.

Whether you are looking for whole of home cooling provided by the Pinnacle, Intergra and Summer Breeze models or single room cooling provided by the Durango, Winteri and diet models. Bonaire has a solution to satisfy all your needs.

Bonaire Pinnacle. The Pinnacle in Evaporative Cooling

The engineering team at Bonaire has been continually researching and sourcing the latest developments in motor cooler functional technologies. This has culminated in the development of an evaporative cooler that provides the ultimate in efficient cooing ,operates at considerably less running costs than many similar coolers and which includes some of the most advance operational features of evaporative coolers today. That evaporative cooler is the Bonaire Pinnacle. So if you are looking for the ultimate in ducted evaporative cooling, then the Bonaire Pinnacle is the only choice for you. READ MORE

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Bonaire Integra II. The Premium Choice

The Bonaire Integra II has many of the features of the Bonaire Pinnacle utilising the same stylish cabinet design, 120mm FiltercoolTM filter pads and advanced Bonaire Aerowing fan. Bonaire Integra II also comes with Bonaire PreCool and Pad Clean functions. READ MORE

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Summer Breeze. The Value Choice

Ideal for both new homes and changeover installations, the Bonaire Summer Breeze has been specifically developed to provide a quick easy changeover for many old evaporative coolers. All units can be installed on a standard sized dropper duct. READ MORE

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Bonaire Durango Mobile Cooler

The all new Durango Mobile cooler from Bonaire is a compact evaporative cooler which can be easily wheeled whenever and to wherever it is needed to provide the ultimate in outdoor cooling comfort. READ MORE

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Choice of Controllers

Bonaire controls have been developed to give you complete control of the climate in your home. Not only do you have the optimum in functionality but also have the choice of My Climate(R) Wi-Fi with wireless remote or a wall mounted version. READ MORE


Bonaire Winter i Evaporative Mobile Air Cooler

The Bonaire Winter i is designed to easily cool today’s open plan homes or outdoor living areas up to 130 square metres.* It’s quiet, environmentally friendly and best of all, very economical to run and the Bonaire Winter i blends in no matter what the environment. READ MORE

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Bonaire Diet 22 Evaporative Mobile Air Cooler

The Bonaire Diet 22 is designed to easily cool areas up to 42 square metres.*  It's quiet, environmentally friendly and most of all, very economical to run and the Bonaire Diet 22 blends in no matter what the environment.  READ MORE

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Bonaire Optima Refrigeration Range


With over 60 years experience in cooling Australian homes, Bonaire has been at the forefront of innovation when meeting the needs of Australian households. The Bonaire Optima range has been designed to withstand the harsh Australian climate whilst delivering unparallel performance.

Whether you are looking to condition a small area with a wall split, a ducted reverse cycle system or looking for the optimum in luxury with a combined gas heating /refrigerated cooling dual cycle system, Bonaire has the perfect system for you



Bonaire Optima L-Series Hi Wall Splits

The Bonaire Optima L-Series split system has been designed with appearance in mind without compromising quality. The indoor unit will seamlessly blend into any home with its smart modern design complimented by its compact size. READ MORE

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Bonaire Optima Dual Cycle

At Bonaire we have researched product from around the world to find the perfect refrigerated cooling product for our innovative range of ducted gas heaters, to develop the optimum in heating and cooling systems. READ MORE

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Bonaire Optima Ducted Reverse Cycle

The Bonaire Optima range of Ducted Air Conditioning units has been designed specifically with your comfort in mind. size. With any air conditioning system the key result is to achieve maximum climate control. We want to be comfortably cool during the heat of summer and comfortably warm in the depths of winter. Read More  READ MORE

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Bonaire Inverter Multi Splits

Bonaire inverter multi splits provide you with the convenience of one outdoor unit connected to up to five indoor heads. Ideal for air conditioning installations where roof space is limited, you can have different areas of your home air conditioned with each individually controlled. The multi split indoor unit has a sleek, subtle design that looks cool and classy on any wall. Bonaire inverter multi split systems are highly efficient and simple to program - with user-friendly options like ‘time till on’ and ‘time till off’ - runs quietly and offers comfortable, reliable performance year after year READ MORE

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Bonaire Commercial Cooling

Whether you are looking to condition an area as small as a plant room or as large as an automotive manufacturing plant, Bonaire has the evaporative cooler to suit your application.

With a variety of output capacities and outlet configurations, the Bonaire Commercial range gives designers the flexibility to provide effective cooling for applications in new or existing projects.

The Bonaire commercial range is designed to offer a standard range of units that will accommodate most applications.

Over and above the standard range Bonaire also offers numerous non-standard options which are designed to further enhance the capabilities of the coolers and afford a more tailored cooling solution.


Bonaire B Series

These light weight yet durable units are designed to provide effective cooling for small to medium sized applications. They incorporate all the features of the larger units but with the size and flexibility to be easily handled and installed. READ MORE

Bonaire C Series

These heavy duty large capacity units are designed to provide effective cooling for medium to very large size and capacity applications. READ MORE

Bonaire Seasonmaker

The Seasonmaker DF series is a unique rage of wall mounted evaporative air conditioning units.

Available in two sizes they are an ideal option where roof mounting or ground mounting of coolers is not possible. They are single phase variable speed units and are up to 40% cheaper to install than comparable commercial ducted evaporative coolers. READ MORE

Bonaire Customer Support

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One of the cornerstones underpinning the Bonaire is our commitment to excellence in customer service. At all levels of our company, from the production floor to our sales and management staff, integrity and professionalism mark the way we do business. CONTACT US +

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