York Wall Splits

Available in either fixed speed or inverter models and in a range of sizes to suit the areas you require, YORK® split systems come in sleek, subtle designs that look cool and classy on any wall. York inverter systems are state-of-the-art and highly efficient, while our fixed speed models are also both popular and cost-effective. A YORK® split system is also simple to program - with user-friendly options like ‘time till on’ and ‘time till off’ - runs quietly and offers comfortable, reliable performance year after year.

Benefits of York Wall Splits

  • Quiet operation. To minimise noise, both indoor and outdoor units are designed with a consummate operation mechanism (i.e. insulation blanket for the compressor, and lower-noises motor). So you can
    quietly enjoy a cooled-down living space, despite the sizzling heat outside.
  • High efficient internal thread copper pipe. Inner groove cooper tubing lets more refrigeration pass through, improving heat exchange by 30-50% compared to traditional copper tubing. It also help slower power consumption for the same rate of output.
  • Low-voltage starting and wide-voltage operation. Because the starting current is low, the soft start at low frequency has no impact on the power grid. The machine can start up normally at an extra low voltage of 165, and operate stably at 165-265V.
  • Anti-cold air. In heating mode, the fan speed is controlled according to the evaporator temperature. The cross fan only begins to run when the evaporator is warm enough, which prevents any cold blasting.
  • Auto restart. After being turned off or in case of an accidental power cut, the air conditioners will retain and restore the temperature and other settings until being turned on again.
  • Strong cooling and heating. Quality compressors and motors made by renowned manufacturers guarantees you get a cool experience in the quickest time.
  • Auto-protection. With the auto-protection function, errors are detected by the PCB and displayed by LED on the indoor unit before protection is commenced.
  • Independent dehumidification. The independent dehumidifying function is able to keep your clothes dry even if the weather gets humid.
  • 180 sine wave. 180 sine wave DC inverter technology means the air conditioner is more adaptable and stable, with a
    reduction in power consumption and more accurate cooling and heating.
  • Anti-mildew. There is no chance of mildew as the cross fan runs for 3 minutes after shutting off to ensure any humidification in the indoor unit is dried.
  • Soft-starter kit. Designed for countries like Australia, the soft starter kit can limit the starting current to within 45A.
  • Timer mode. The convenience of a 24h/12h timing on/off function.
  • The filter mesh can be easily dismantled and cleaned. Easy dismantling and cleaning of the filter guarantees a healthier indoor environment.
  • 0.2 homeothermal and comfortable. For a comfortable environment, temperatures can be accurately controlled to a deviation of 0.2 C to. prevent it getting too hot or cold.
  • LED display. The LED display is designed to be user friendly.
  • Chord response. The chord music for the on/off response sound is designed to be pleasant sounding.

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