Pinnacle Series Ducted Evaporative Cooler

Pinnacle is a ducted evaporative cooler that functions with the most advanced operational features at considerably less running costs. It is 40% cheaper than the standard evaporative cooler due to the innovative Impress® motor technology. This evaporative cooler has a strong and stylish cabinet design.

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Product Information


The Bonaire Pinnacle® Evaporative Cooling delivers performance at the pinnacle of execution. This unit has been manufactured with the purpose of delivering the best to its customers in terms of technology, style, and function. Each part of this unit contains a special technology used to provide maximum performance. It can fit easily onto the profile of your home roof. The unit is constructed using an injected moulded high strength plastic that is UV stabilized. Also, the sloped base tank is designed to hold less water compared to other flat based tanks.