Bonaire Integra II premium choice for evaporative air cooling

Integra II - Grey

The Bonaire Integra II is an evaporative cooler with significant features, including Bonaire Humidity Management System, 120mm Filtercool® filter pads and advanced Bonaire Aerowing® fan. Bonaire Integra II also comes with Bonaire PreCool® and Pad Clean functions.

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Product Information


Bonaire Integra II is the premium choice for evaporative air cooling. It comes in a stylish design and is available in three shades – Terracotta Red, Charcoal and Beige. This unit uses the Bonaire humidity management system, Filtercool® filer pads, and advanced Aerowing fan, among many other features. The Bonaire Integra II is considered a popular choice among our customers. The unit provides additional features that don’t come with older units or other brands. It is also designed to comply with bushfire protection and safety standards.