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Whether you’re building a new home or renovating, we recommend you consider the following points to make sure you choose the right heating and cooling system. 

Building a new home

If you’re building a new home then it makes sense to ensure you incorporate central heating and cooling planning from the outset so that they are part of your earliest designs and not an after thought. After all, this is your biggest investment and the right ducted heating and cooling system will add value to your investment. It can be easily integrated into the construction of your home and make for simpler and more efficient installation during construction. Here are some points to consider:

  • Lifestyle choice of indoor, outdoor living with evaporative cooling 
  • Environmental option of evaporative cooling 
  • Running costs are lower with evaporative cooling 
  • Ultimate Bonaire zoned* ducted refrigerated air conditioning 
  • Bonaire can provide your total heating and cooling solutions from the design stage onwards 
  • Energy efficient homes should consider an evaporative cooling option 
  • Ducted gas heating/inverter dual cycle Bonaire systems gives you the ultimate in heating and cooling 
  • Gas is a cost effective energy for home heating 

* Individual zone motors supplied by installer at additional cost.

Renovating your home

Whether you already have an existing evaporative or refrigerated air conditioning system, or external or internal gas ducted central heating unit, Bonaire has the model and range that’s ideal for you. However, before you install a new system there are a few points that you should consider:

  • Check if your existing duct work can handle your future needs as it may need to be upgraded
  • Also, check if your current air conditioner or central heater is suitable for your existing needs and will it meet your new requirements once the renovation is complete
  • Another consideration is whether you need upgrading from a room air conditioner to Bonaire’s whole-of-home ducted cooling. 

All of these can make your new Bonaire air conditioner or heating system even more efficient. Finally, you should consider a Bonaire Dual Cycle cooling option or evaporative cooling system with your gas heating option. This means your one controller will cater for both your heating and cooling needs all year round.