Wouldn’t it be lovely to make your whole home a comfort zone this winter? Well you can with a Bonaire Series Gas Central Heating System.

How Bonaire gas central heating works

Bonaire gas central heating is a ducted system, which means that heated air is distributed throughout the home by a network of ducts, usually in the roof cavity or under the floor. Air is heated in a heat exchanger, which is heated by clean burning gas. The warm air enters each room through an outlet located in the floor, ceiling or wall. All 4 and 5 star Bonaire units have high tech modulating fan technology that delivers whole of home heating efficiently and quietly.

Energy efficiency and saving money with Bonaire

All gas central heaters have a star rating which is a guide to their energy efficiency. The AGA star rating label shows you the appliance’s efficiency. This is an Australian approved standard for evaluating the energy efficiency of an appliance. The more stars, the more energy efficient the unit.

Running costs comparison

The chart below shows the comparative running costs of the most frequently used forms of heating. As you can see, the real advantage of gas central heating over other central heating systems is that it costs less to run.

Why choose Bonaire Central Heating? 

  • Models to suit any size home or budget
  • 3, 4 and 5 star energy rated units
  • Low running costs
  • Easy installation 
  • Revolutionary heat exchanger design 
  • Range of fully programmable thermostat controls 
  • High energy efficiency
  • Unique ‘Bonres®’ unit selection system 
  • 3 year parts and labour warranty standard 
  • Australian owned and made

Installed by a specialist

For added peace of mind, we recommend you choose one of our authorised Bonaire specialists, who have been trained to ensure your Bonaire heater is installed to the highest standards.