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As one of Australia’s leading heating and cooling brands, Bonaire has been providing homes with state of the art, efficient air conditioning systems for generations. Using proven technology we create intelligent, user friendly systems that maximise energy efficiency whilst being economical to own and operate. We constantly strive to ensure that the Bonaire name is synonymous with quality and innovation. The company is still very proudly Australian owned and operated with a manufacturing facility in Salisbury, South Australia.

Bonaire Ducted Heaters


If you are looking for ducted gas heating in your home, then you can’t go past Bonaire.

The range of Bonaire heaters is quite comprehensive and was developed to so there are models to accommodate most applications. SEE OUR HEATERS

If you want the details of all our ducted heaters you could download the current brochure.

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Bonaire MB3

The affordable value performer

The Bonaire MB3 heaters are a three star rated series designed as an efficient solid performing unit with numerous features and packaged at a very affordable price. READ MORE

Bonaire MB4

The fully featured premium performer

The secret to the MB4’s four star efficiency is its multi tube heat exchanger combined with a modulating gas valve which minimises gas usage and modulating room air fan. READ MORE

Bonaire MB5

When only the ultimate will do

When you choose to install a Bonaire MB5 ducted heater, you can be assured you will have the ultimate in heating comfort.

The MB5 uses a primary and secondary heat exchanger which combined gives you a five star energy efficiency rating. READ MORE

Bonaire Rhino

Replace your old heater

When you have had ducted gas heating in your home, especially when it is for many years, you will never want any other form of heating.

Unfortunately all things wear out with age and, as technologies and efficiencies advance, there comes a time when you need to look at replacing your old ducted heater. READ MORE

Choice of controllers

The Bonaire Navigator controls have been developed to give you complete control of the climate in your home.

Not only do you have the optimum in functionality but you also have the choice of a wireless remote or a wall mounted version. READ MORE

York Dual Cycle

At Bonaire we have worked very closely together with York, one of the biggest manufacturers of refrigerated systems in the world, to develop the optimum in heating and cooling systems.

The York systems have been perfectly matched to the Bonaire range of MB4 and MB5 heaters so that your heating and cooling system runs off the one controller and through the one common set of ductwork. READ MORE

Bonaire Pyrox Space Heaters

If you are looking for the comfortable warmth of gas heating but don’t need to heat your whole home, then one of the Bonaire Pyrox Space Heaters is the ideal solution. READ MORE

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Wall Furnace

If heating only the living area of your home is what you need, then the Pyrox Wall Furnace is the solution.

Designed to deliver floor level warmth, the Pyrox Wall Furnace is the ideal heater to accommodate living areas or large entertaining areas in any home. READ MORE

Heritage Heater

Feel the warm, cosy glow of an open fire without the mess, fuss or hazards. Your Pyrox Flued Gas Space Heater makes an attractive feature for your home, whether wall mounted or fitted into an existing fireplace. READ MORE

Bonaire Customer Support

Climate Technologies Celi Group

One of the cornerstones underpinning the Bonaire is our commitment to excellence in customer service. At all levels of our company, from the production floor to our sales and management staff, integrity and professionalism mark the way we do business. CONTACT US +

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About Bonaire

The Celi Group, is a family owned business made up of mix of companies in various sectors including domestic and commercial heating and cooling, industrial, property development and aviation. The cornerstone of the Celi group is Climate Technologies, manufacturer of heating and cooling appliances and home to iconic brands such as Bonaire and Celair.