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High Wall Splits

The Bonaire range of inverter high wall split air conditioning systems have clever features coupled with a stylish design to complement today’s modern homes. 

Good looks

The Bonaire wall mounted unit blends unobtrusively into today’s homes and has functional appeal as the panel can be simply wiped clean. 

Inverter technology

Bonaire inverter technology accurately matches your cooling or heating requirements to give you energy efficiency by increasing or decreasing the power depending on the conditions. As a result, Inverter air conditioners are smoother in operation, more economical, quieter and deliver higher efficiency compared to conventional systems. 

More economical

Because an inverter will increase or decrease power to the compressor and fans, they can operate more economically than traditional fixed speed units. 

Comfort levels

When the Bonaire Inverter air conditioner is switched on in either heating or cooling mode it will automatically operate at high speed to ensure your selected temperature is achieved quickly. It will then adjust the fan speed to maintain the desired room temperature. 

Low noise level

The Bonaire Inverter operates so quietly you will hardly notice it. It can also operate in low noise sleep function where the unit will automatically adjust the temperature to make the room more comfortable while you sleep. 

Remote controls

The remote control makes it easy to operate the system.  The LCD display on the remote and the LED display on the unit allow you to view the current settings.

The right advice

Bonaire dealers are specialists in heating and cooling and will ensure the unit is correctly sized for your requirements. Our dealers are also installers and will give you a price covering all the installation requirements.

Service support

Bonaire Inverter air conditioners are fully backed up by Bonaire’s integrated service department giving you total peace of mind.

Simple programming

Simple programming functions allow you to easily program functions like time till on and time till off.

Air filters

Easily removable and washable air filters enable you to wash out dust and other air-borne particles.

Intelligent digital dehumidification

This controls the comfort level of the humidity in the air for a more comfortable room temperature.

Fan only mode

This setting runs the fan only, which is ideal for Autumn and Spring, providing air movement within the room.

I feel mode

Allows you to preset an automatic temperature and fan speed to optimise comfort based on outside ambient temperatures.

Installed by specialists

For added peace of mind, we recommend you choose one of our authorised Bonaire specialists, who have been trained to ensure your Bonaire Air Conditioner is installed to the highest standards.


Every Bonaire Inverter High Wall Split is manufactured to stringent quality standards and backed by a five year domestic parts and labour warranty, fully supported by Bonaire’s National Service Division. It’s real peace of mind as you and your family enjoy the ultimate in home climate control. All Bonaire outdoor units are manufactured with an anti-corrosion material for long lasting reliability.

*Picture shown may very slightly from actual model