An evaporative cooling system is simply the most cost effective and quietest way to cool your home. For over 50 years Bonaire have been providing Australians with innovative, efficient evaporative cooling systems. Today we continue to draw on the latest technology to create intelligent, environmentally friendly and user friendly cooling systems that maximise energy efficiency and minimise expense to your pocket.

A Bonaire Ducted Evaporative Cooler is designed to cool your whole home. It consists of an external cooling unit on the roof, which supplies cool air via ducts to all the rooms in your home.


Bonaire have always been leaders in evaporative cooling technology and offer you the choice of two outstanding whole-of-home ducted evaporative cooling systems and an economical window cooler. Whether it’s the economical Summer Breeze, the top of the range Integra or the window-mounted Durango, you know Bonaire will cool your home ultra efficiently and quietly this summer.

Why choose Bonaire Evaporative Cooling?

  • Low running costs. Cool your whole home up to 87% cheaper than other air conditioners.*
    This means reduced electricity bills
  • Envirowing™ Fan – maximises efficiency
  • Patented Hushdrive™ motor technology for quiet operation
  • Aquamiser™ system – minimises water usage
  • Environmentally friendly, producing less than 15% of the CO2 greenhouse gases produced
    by a standard ducted reverse cycle system** (refer to the graph below)
  • Australian made and owned
  • Models to suit any home size or budget
  • Extensive warranty on all models***

Naturally cooled, evaporative air conditioners circulate fresh air throughout your entire home. Hot, stale air is forced out.

Reduce your energy bills

A Bonaire Ducted Evaporative System is the most efficient way to cool your whole home. The graph below shows that cooling your whole home with a Bonaire evaporative cooler is up to 87%* cheaper than a comparable ducted refrigerated system.

** SEAV, 'Operating costs of electrical appliances' Nov 2002
** SEAV, 'Operating costs of electrical appliances' Nov 2002

Hushdrive™ motor technology

The patented quiet winding motor design means you can barely hear the unit when it's running.

Envirowing™ Fan

The Envirowing™ Fan is a one piece injection-moulded fan, designed for maximum efficiency and optimum performance. The result is more cool air delivered into your home. It is extremely quiet.

Bonres® Selection System

To ensure that the correct unit is installed in your home, we designed Bonaire's unique Bonres® sizing system. The Bonres® Computerised Unit Selection System takes into account all parameters such as wall construction, insulation, glass areas, room sizes and house orientation. (e.g. north, south, east, west and the climatic conditions of the area in which you live). By using this system your Bonaire Dealer can recommend the perfect Bonaire unit to suit your home.

Setting a benchmark in quietness

For the quietest way to stay cool this summer, choose a Bonaire Evaporative Cooling System. Bonaire's direct drive cooling fan is low noise, and its effective design is extremely efficient.

Advanced engineering

Advanced engineering design has seen the Bonaire Evaporative Air Conditioning Systems at the leading edge of cooling efficiency. Together, the unique motor and fan construction draws air evenly over all four CELdek® pads. This delivers enhanced efficiency, low maintenance and measurable savings in running costs. The in-built water management system also ensures that a minimum amount of water is used in providing optimal levels of cooling performance.

Structural strength

Bonaire units have a high strength, injection-moulded polymer cabinet. So unlike other competitors' units that may sag or warp, they are strong enough to withstand Australia's harsh weather conditions and are UV stabilised to ensure sun protection, year after year.

Smart stylish design

Bonaire's sleek low profile design sits snugly on your rooftop and comes in a range of stylish colours. This clever design holds less water than conventional flat-based units.

Bonaire Coolstart

With Bonaire's Pre-Cool System, your home will be cool from the start. You'll feel only cool, fresh air when you turn on your air conditioner – as opposed to some competitors' units that blow hot air for up to 5 minutes.

Helps save the environment

If you're concerned about the environment, choose a Bonaire Evaporative Cooling System. Our evaporative whole-of-home system produces less than 15% of the CO2 greenhouse gases produced by a comparable ducted reverse cycle refrigerated system.** Evaporative air conditioning produces less ‘black balloons' of greenhouse gas than whole-of-home refrigerated systems

(ref: Feb 2009).