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When you couple a Bonaire 4 or 5 star ducted gas heating unit with a Bonaire Inverter Ducted Refrigerative unit, your complete Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle System delivers warm and cool air effortlessly through the same concealed duct work. Unlike conventional systems which run at 100% power, Bonaire’s unique Inverter technology accurately matches your heating and cooling needs and then alters the power depending on conditions giving you greater efficiency. The end result is Australia’s ultimate dual cycle system. With thermostatic temperature control all year round, you’ll enjoy the ultimate in climate control for your family.

^Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle Systems are only available in Victoria.

Ultimate features and benefits

Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle Systems* have been designed to deliver efficient and reliable performance all year round. Some of the benefits of installing a Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle System with a Bonaire Ducted Gas Heater are:

  • The entire system's operation, programming and zoning selection can be controlled by one controller
  • Uncompromised constant heating performance regardless of how cold it is outside
  • Inverter air conditioning technology for efficiency and economical operation
  • Fully combined heating and cooling comfort via a single ducting system – specifically designed for a Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle System
  • Zone control standard†. Heat or cool only the rooms you want
  • Integrated zoning control† on all 4 and 5 star ducted gas central heating units 
  • Installed to Bonaire's Bonres® Computerised Unit Selection System** (Ask your Authorised Bonaire Dealer)
  • Engineered for Australian conditions
  • Only compatible with Bonaire MB4 or MB5 Gas Ducted Heating units
  • Choice of state-of-the-art Navigator controllers

† Individual zone motors supplied by installer at additional costs.
* Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle Systems are only for sale and installation with matched Bonaire ducted gas heating units.
** Invalid if not sized strictly in accordance with Bonres® specifications. Installation and commissioning to manufacturer's and industry standards and state regulatory law is the responsibility of the installer.

Installed by specialists

For added peace of mind, we recommend you choose one of our authorised Bonaire specialists, who have been trained to ensure your Bonaire Air Conditioner is installed to the highest standards.


For the ultimate peace of mind, every Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle System is manufactured to stringent quality standards backed by a five year residential and two year commercial, parts and labour warranty*** and Bonaire’s fully trained National Service Division. So you and your family can feel extra comfortable as you enjoy the Ultimate Heating and Cooling Solution for your home.

*** The Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle warranty does not apply to the ducted gas heating unit. All Bonaire ducted gas heating units carry their own warranty program and conditions. Please refer to your dealer or product information for more details.


Bonaire Inverter Dual Cycle Matching Chart