Whether you want to cool a shop, small factory or large industrial plant, Bonaire has the complete range of commercial evaporative air conditioners to provide a cool, comfortable and productive work environment.

The Bonaire Commercial Evaporative Air Conditioning Range

Improve factory productivity

As temperatures inside factories and work places rise from 20°C to 30°C the potential for accidents doubles and productivity reduces by 20%. The latest technology in evaporative cooling and the many engineering refinements incorporated in all Bonaire units ensures efficient cooling is combined with minimum maintenance and low operating costs.

Low installation and running costs

Bonaire evaporative air conditioners offer economic installation and low running costs for a range of commercial air conditioning situations:

  • Club premises  
  • Community halls and churches 
  • Showrooms and shopping centres  
  • Sporting venues 
  • Schools and universities  
  • Wine storage
  • Commercial kitchens  
  • Warehouses 
  • Hotels and restaurants  
  • Aged care facilities


All units are available in top, side and down discharge to give maximum design options.